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Mr Artis’s vision is to promote and facilitate your sales.  The terms and conditions below seek to define our legal relationship with you and as such we encourage you to take the time to review in detail, and to contact us should you require further information and/or clarifications at sales@mrartis.com

Promoting your business – advertising & marketing

When you create your profile, you opt to share with us and the prospective buyers a certain set of information and/or visual material – i.e. images of your products. By agreeing to this terms and conditions, you explicitly allow us to make use of the submitted information for advertising and marketing purposes by our team.  Should we choose to make use of your material for this purpose – you hereby agree that you will not have a remuneration claim and agree that it is to our sole discretion, what or whose material we use. Of course, we covenant that we will be only making use of generic information without implicating or interfering with your sales.

When it comes to advertising material that we have commissioned for you, and undertook the expenses for the creation of the material, we expect that you will make further use after you acquire a written permission from MrArtis and you explicitly undertake to use that material as is, without further alterations.  Most importantly, MrArtis’ logo must be on display.

Promote your sales

We recognise that occasionally, your sales may need a push.  Our page offers you that facility, hence, you explicitly agree to the applicable charges.

This type of campaign will enable your listings to appear further up the search results of a buyers’ search thus allowing you to demonstrate your products on priority.

We do not guarantee the increase of sales through this medium as we do not interfere in any way with the buyer’s choice of products or services.  Your agreement to this terms excludes us from any liability or potential future claim for not reaching your goals.


We reserve the right to remove any promotional ads based on our discretion and for reasons we may opt not to disclose to you.

MrArtis reserves the right to remove product that do not comply with the category description.  Alternatively, we may opt to recategorize your products without prior notice.

We are not responsible in any way whatsoever for your intellectual property rights or compliance with the applicable laws, however we hereby notify you that uploaded content shall be monitored and removed should an infringement be spotted.


Handmade Products:

Designers, makers and artists form a special category to our platform.  Irrespective of how you define yourself, we would like you to be honest and transparent with your prospective clients.

Buyers/users of our platform are likely to seek information regarding your production line such as: how the product is made, if you receive any assistance – in which case you covenant that you comply to Anti-slavery and you are not employing minors for labour.

Be honest about the materials you are using and strive to share us many possible details with our buyers’ community.  Your transparency is likely to assist your sales.

False, inaccurate, or misleading information is prohibited by our Terms and Conditions.  We reserve the right to suspend or terminate you from our platform or remove any content that is false, inaccurate or misleading.


Intellectual Property Rights:

We appreciate your creations and your intellectual property rights.  However, our actions towards protecting your rights may only go so far as to the operations of our website.  We will endeavour to protect your content and limit your exposure to unwanted, unsolicited or hateful comments however, you are solely responsible for the preservation of your intellectual property rights and you recognise that should an infringement arise it is your responsibility to action it.


Delivery policy:

We promote flexibility any way we can.  For this reason, we have decided not to interfere with your delivery option.  How you deliver is not something we will be involved with.  You may opt any method to satisfy your clients – however, we will be more than happy to provide you with reference or put you in touch with our contacts with various services.

Failure to deliver however is likely to cause the suspension or termination of your account.  We must also note that expenses for returned products will be born by you.  Mr Artis does not take responsibility for charges incurred for returned products.



Whilst we offer you so much, it is only fair we receiving a small token in return for our services.

Click here to view our pricing fees and plans.

Please note that we will not directly process any payments.  Our e-commerce payments provider will distribute the above fee to us directly – saving us all from any additional administrative costs.


We are sure that you already love our services and you most certainly wish to continue using our platform.  To make it easier for you, our team will contact you a month before the completion of the 12 months’ commitment.  You will then be presented with the option to continue, in which case you will be charged accordingly or you may opt to terminate.  In which case your page will be shut down within 30 days.

VAT Declaration

If your business is VAT registered, you are obliged to enter the relevant details when setting up your account.  MrArtis shall be indemnified against any government claims for payment due to your failure to make appropriate declarations.  By setting up your account you undertake to be legally compliant.  If at any point of your subscription MrArtis concludes that you are not compliant with the laws, we may proceed to delete your account, if you fail to make right any wrongs that may be occurring following relevant notification.

Package update

We believe in you and we are tasked to promoting your business.  If you value us equally and would like to upgrade your package, we recommend that you contact us at customer@mrartis.com

Because you make our clocks tick and your love will make us progress and excel into the market, MrArtis is dedicated to safeguarding your rights as users of our platform.

We have made sure that our sellers are as transparent as possible with their listings, enabling you to make an informed purchase you will not subsequently regret.

Each seller’s page will contain a detailed description of their products and services.  Prices will also be listed, however if you opt for a handmade or custom made product, you will have to converse and agree with the seller as to the price.

We urge to avoid making payments directly to sellers.  Of course it is a free market we are operating in, but if you do choose to deal with sellers individually, we will be unable to make sure that you will receive your order or that you will be able to claim your money should you opt to return the product you are unhappy with.

Sellers are likely to offer different types of delivery methods.  You will be able to find information regarding delivery methods on each seller’s page.  You are encouraged to contact the seller directly if you are unsure of how delivery will be effected.  If you are still unable to obtain the requested info, please contact us at support@mrartis.com

We are always here for you – our platform will enable you to contact the seller directly and us, in case you are dealing with any unforeseen issues.



The buyer can cancel his order within 2 hours and money will be send back to his account.

In case that Seller has already shipped the product or item he must wait it to arrived and apply for refund at the RMA request.

After contacting the seller for his refund request, and the request is approved by the seller, the buyer must send the product back to the seller. Also he must pay the shipping costs for return of the items.


Any buyer can cancel his order within 2 hours, and all sellers must accept the cancelation request.

In case that product has already shipped from seller, then a tracking number must be provided to the buyer.

In that case the buyer have to apply for refund at the RMA request, from Our Order section in the buyer dashboard.

Seller must accept the product or item as per our refund policy.

Also he must pay the shipping costs for return of the items.



Note that each seller provide his own shipping method and period need to ship the product or item.

Note that some custom made products need more business days in order to be prepared and shipped.

Under each product or item information provided by the seller about shipping period needed.

RETURN the purchased products within the first 14 days following receipt of you order.  At this point however, we must mention that, we are unable to facilitate returns or refunds for products that have been customised for you.  It would be unfair to have something explicitly made for you – perhaps even personalise it, say add a name on it – and then send it back.  Of course, if the product is not made up to certain standards the seller should accept the return and offer to produce a new item.  We have carefully selected our sellers and we can assure that the transparency of operations, the ease of communication are unlikely to lead to such unfortunate instances.  However, if you are presented with a situation like that, please contact us at support@mrtartis.com

If you are still unhappy with what you have received you are eligible for a REFUND.  Contact us and we will be more than happy to follow through the procedure for you.  –

You will receive full REFUND (*administrative charges may apply) provided that the product will be returned in its original form.

MRARTIS LTD is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy, in compliance with the laws.

Our privacy statement must be read along with the terms and conditions of the website, as well as any other policies we may issue from time to time – a link of which will be inserted in this section, to enable you to review at any time.  The privacy statement contains reference and explanations regarding the data we gather about you, how we use it, the legal basis enabling us to make such use and how this information is shared.  Your rights along with your obligations are also exhibited in this section.  Should you have any queries, you can always contact us at info@mrartis.com


Privacy statement – who is affected and what is covered

As already mentioned, this section intends to inform you about how we collect, handle, store and protect your information when providing you or when performing any other activities related to our operations.

Here you will find out what happens to your information, if we are to share such personal data with other members of our group and third parties (for example, when we are required to disclose such information in order to comply with national legislation).

Both reference to “personal data” or “personal information” are likely to be mentioned hereinafter, so when we refer to these terms, or use the words: handling, collecting, protecting and storing we shall be referring to all data that are personal to you and render you as identifiable.


Our website is not intended for use by minors.  In our terms and conditions, we request users to confirm that they are of legal age.  We will be vigilant and attempt to avoid collecting or handling personal data belonging to minors – however we do not intentionally retain such information.

Collected information:

The nature of our business requires the collection of some data about you, however this information is disclosed by you and you acknowledge when signing up to our services that you will be sharing such information with us.

Amongst the information we will be collecting may be: your name, date of birth, age, gender, email address, home address, your IP address, browser type, language, access times, details of how you use our products and services.

-When filling in forms on our website: we may retain some of your data

-When your conduct transactions our platform

-We may further collect information when you contact us to lodge a complaint or enquire further.  This information may be retained until such time as the issue at hand is resolved.

Use of Data

At any given point, during your use of our website, we will put every reasonable effort into collecting as minimum as possible personal data to conduct our business.  Our effort will be concentrated to collecting adequate and relevant information.  By filling your personal data and contact details you accept that occasionally we will contact you to inform you about new products and services or any other material that we may find to be of interest to you, and marketing material.

We are likely to contact you if we undertake any significant changes to our terms and conditions, however we strongly encourage you to review periodically our terms and conditions, whilst we encourage you to contact us directly should you have any queries regarding our policies.

We undertake not to share your personal data with third parties, unrelated to our platform. Unless, we are required to do so by law.

You have the right not to disclose specific requested information, however, if such information is necessary for our services to be provided, then we reserve the right to reject your associated service request, as we will be factually unable to proceed.  We kindly remind that our transactions entail the exchange of payments hence we are required by law to retain specific identification information.

Processing of your personal data only occurs on the basis of legal grounds and in the course of conducting our legitimate business e-commerce activities.  In the unlikely event of a data breach, we have strict procedures in place and we will notify you – if you are affected – in accordance with the GDPR and applicable Cyprus laws.

Payment Processing

We are committed to securing your data.  In line of this commitment, we explicitly state that we do not pass on credit and payment card information to third parties whilst we implement measures to protect card data in accordance with the PCI Data Security Standard.  To take it a notch further, we can ensure you that neither does our payment processing provider does.

How to stop unwanted communication

If at some point you decide that you do not wish to hear from us anymore, you can always unsubscribe from our mailing list, by clicking the link in the email you have received.  You may also request to review the data we have in store for you and further request the deletion of your records and any details you do not wish us to retain.  We reserve the right to maintain on record any information that we are legally required to retain to comply with the applicable local laws – for which we will inform you accordingly upon review of your request.

For any queries you may have, complaints, or any other information you may require you can always contact us at: social@mrartis.com




EMAIL: info@mrartis.com

Mr Artis Ltd is a company limited by shares, duly incorporated under Cyprus laws.

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